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Timur Bulatov is known for the persecution of the public at various events as well as involvement in the dismissal of LGBT teachers and LGBT friendly communities. An ex-criminal defendant has a prison experience: he was in jail-1 («Crosses») and then served a sentence in the colony. The verdict on Bulatov was abolished.

- Do you feel offended when you are called «a homophobe»?
- No, I do not. it's a compliment. They are afraid of me, I'm not. I'm not afraid of anyone, I'm only afraid of God. Many people are afraid of me and that's right, because these monsters must know their place. When I enter the subway and someone from the LGBT has already been there — they recognize me and pass into the other coach. And that is right.

We quote the opponent's opinion for the balance, which is preferred throughout. Nowadays the officials support the position of Timur Bulatov. Also a significant part of the Russian society sympathizes with such views.
People who consider themselves LGBT are well aware: if you do not defend your rights currently, the Article against homosexuality can be returned into the Criminal Code in the nearest future.
— Leonid Agafonov, expert

«We engage into the dismissal of LGBT teachers»

I аm a religious person, a true Muslim. «The First Moral Russian Front» and «Parents of Russia» are the two organizations I manage. And there is the third one — the association of Muslims «Action», which is engaged into the dismissal of sodomite teachers (ed.: LGBT and activists advocating for the rights of gays and lesbians) out of schools. We believe that they don't fit there.
«They should be isolated at psychiatric hospitals»
While destroying pedophiles, you don't beat them with a slipper like cockroaches, you are looking for their nest. So, I have realized that the LGBT milieu consists of about 62% of pedophiles. This is not statistics, but mathematics, common sense. Homosexuality, transgender is a sexual disorder. They should be isolated at psychiatric hospitals. More than half of them should be sentenced to jails. For pedophiles, in general, it is necessary to introduce the death penalty.
« A camera with amenities and associates from «a certain structure»
– Appearing in the telecast on channel 1 I promised to issue photos and personal data of 10 teachers [ed.: LGBT]. I was very dangerous to them, but the judge was in cahoots with LGBT people. And one day before the telecast, they arrested and took me to the «Crosses». But I «did work» there: for good people there is the internet and a tablet. My associates from a certain structure arranged a four-seater camera for me where I was the third. There was a big TV and a phone, I was supplied very well, I was sent food parcels by strangers, we had sausage in a shoe box, there was a convection oven, a small washing machine, a TV set and hot water. And I could give something delicious to a warder, he opened the door and we went to the shower room. If I had no thoughts that my family was suffering without me, it wouldn't have been a tragedy for me. Although I constantly called my wife, we were in contact 24 hours a day. By the way, the judge, who made the decision, and the prosecutor I dismissed. Everybody in the "Crosses" applauded: «Hooray».

Dual attitude towards «omitted»

– In «Crosses» there was one «passenger» who told how he fucked a man over, turned him into «a rooster» [fagot]. I didn't greet that person, didn't eat at the same desktop with him, tried to avoid talking. Those days was just a quarantine, and then I was transferred to the cell, there were no such «touchwoods» there. I have an opinion that I expressed there: a person who takes part in a physical violence over an omitted is also an omitted – a fagot like others, if it is connected with sexual things. It is possible to kill the omitted, it is possible to beat him, it is even possible to piss him all over, but it mustn't be impossible to transfer him into the sexual sphere. I have a dual attitude toward those who are omitted: there are those who agree themselves and those who are coerced. I regret those who are forced, and I despise those who have agreed. To my mind, they are animals, not people.
«Two people were put at your request here...»
– In the Metallostroy colony (Penal Colony №5), I made friends. They respected me for my work, they immediately sent me to the bakery. I baked bread there. When it was Easter, I had made cakes for everyone in the zone, I brought the eggs to the zone. I, a Tatar, a Muslim, congratulated prisoners with Easter. And then I had left. One day I was called. They said: «Two people were put at your request here. God forbid if something happen to them». I knew that two people were sitting there, in the Metallostroy colony. They were omitted, lived in the «petushatnik» – I found out, I am told. They wash the «parashas» (the pot) and take out the trash.
«Return the Article for sodomy and increase a term»
Sex relations in prison between two men is immoral. You know, there is a long date, you can call a woman. Nevertheless many of prisoners don't want to use these opportunities. They want what is there. The place of a fagot [homosexual] is on parasha [on shit]. He shall comply with the dirtiest work, but using him as a woman is a sodomy of both individuals. It is necessary to return the Article for sodomy and increase a term. If someone has come into intimate relations — used a fag or a fag provided sex services — let a term be added. Let him sit and think. And besides, it is necessary to change his mode to a single camera. Increasing his (homosexual) term, we act more humanely to him and his entourage. We do him better so that he gets used to live normally and so after release he would create a family, give birth to children and make everything as normal people, but didn't live like omitted schmuck.

What about condoms [on the zone — editors' note]: a permission pushes to application. Any things that are associated with sex cannot be allowed. Prison is not for making people satisfy lust there.

Leonid: «We (taxpayers) spend billions for the treatment of HIV, which people are infected in prisons. After their release, ex-prisoners «reward» women who are blameless in this matter. And the chain doesn't stop.

«In order they don't intersect with mentally normal people»
By no means they are [omitted] allowed to be put in general cells, where they will be used sinfully. It's necessary to keep them separate from everyone, in a separate building, in a separate zone, so that they couldn't even intersect with mentally normal people. No one prevents them from helping cellmates to clean the toilet, for example. But on the other hand, no one can force them to do this. Only for a fee, tea, cigarettes, patronage. I believe that it is necessary to keep track of the homo movement in the zone, so that they don't infect others by this sin. After all, where there is sin, there are diseases. That is the punishment for sins.
«Stop Sodomite sin»
I think these people can be treated and should be treated, and there are healing facts. Why is sodomy against faith? Because we have written that it's a sin and believers want to stop this Sodomite sin. I have an acquaintance, who was tried for stealing. There [in the places of detention] he was subjected to violence. They lowered him, he continued to do this under the pressure of his cellmates. He became a homosexual. As a result, he came to me. I recommended him a good psychologist and sent him to a psychiatrist. He began to visit a temple, he became an Orthodox man, he found a wife in the temple. I tried to help him, and the Almighty was pleased to help him to get on the right track and continue the way being a normal person. But before that he felt depressed, he had to visit homo clubs, get acquainted, look for all such things like contacts, acquaintances.
«We we require the returning of criminalize same-sex relationships»
I want to say the following — a homosexual doesn't need to be shy, he needs to say that he is a sinner-sodomite, and no camera will take him in the zone — he will be immediately sent to the «petushatnik» [camera for omitted]. He has the most specific way in this system. They have nothing to fear. No one ever strikes fags — it's a trap or humiliation
— Timur Bulatov
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